PANTONE - RAL - HKS - NCS color conversions


   ColorLinker is a software application for Mac OS X which enables color all conversions of spot colors of PANTONE (Formula Guide Solid Coated Plus Series 2014 library and Goe Coated) / RAL K7 (K5) library, HKS K and NCS Index 1950 Original (NCS S).

   ColorLinker also calculates the deltaE difference between two colors in LAB color space, color conversion from LAB color space to sRGB color space and vice versa, including color previews.

   If you are looking for an equivalent or the closest color PANTONE for PANTONE Goe, RAL, HKS and NCS or RAL for PANTONE (PMS Coated and Goe Coated), HKS and NCS or HKS for PANTONE (PMS Coated and Goe Coated), RAL and NCS or NCS for PANTONE (PMS Coated and Goe Coated), RAL and HKS, this is the product you are looking for. It is available in our store.

   Our customers are mostly designers, web designers, ad agencies, graphic studios, corporate identity and brand service agencies, commercial printers, large format printing specialists, artists, creative designers, interior designers, architectures, vendors, film makers, exhibition services etc..


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